Over 10 years of professional experience

Our beginnings as workshop exclusively of repair and design of sails award us of a wide experience in the whole section of products and nautical services.

From the cleaning, maintenance and repair of sails, to the manufacturing of new sails with the latest technology.

In LAVELERIA we have a proper sailmaking – loft, what allows us to offer competitive prices in a short period of time.

  • New Sails

    New Sails

    30 October, 2014

    New Sails

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    Manufacturing and repair of Sails

    We make new sails, as well as repairs.

    All the production processes are carried out in our sail making loft.

    In all the processes we use the most advanced materials and the latest technologies in harnessings systems, guaranteeing this way the maximum safety and high quality standards.



    30 October, 2014


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    Tailormade Mats

    In LAVELERIA we create all kinds of tailormade mats, both for interior and for exterior, adapted to any area of the boat to improve the comfort on board, made of foam rubber of high density, with PVC coverage in a wide range of colors at your disposal.

    Also we are experts in any type of carpeting for seats, supports, and recarpeting of walls and roofs.

  • Sail Repair

    Sail Repair

    30 October, 2014

    Sail Repair

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    Sail Repairing

    In our sailmaking loft we have at our disposal special machinery for repairing of all parts of a boat sail.

    We have wide experience in the repair of all kinds of sails. It is necessary to repair open seams that could appear in the sails before they turn into more serious problems.

    Other services that we offer are the change of Solar Band, reinforcement of handles, spare of zippers, etc.

    Often the Genoa turns out to be perforated or torn by its high exhibition to the sun. For it we will sew an extensive patch that arranges the whole area with new textile. For it we use textile of solar band along the whole sail to protect it from future damages caused by the sun.

    Sail and canvas maintenance and cleaning

    Sail and canvas maintenance and cleaning

    30 October, 2014

    Sail and canvas maintenance and cleaning

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    Wash and Maintenance of the sails

    In LAVELERÍA we also provide a service of maintenance and care of nautical sails. To maintain the durability of the sail the clening is very important to remove the glazing of salt, as well as the dirt due to its use, local spots of oil, mould, tar, etc.

    The salt is harmful to the sail since its glazing turns out to be abrassive in the long run. Also they absorb the moisture of the ambience preventing the sail from drying off correctly.

  • Bartels


    30 October, 2014


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    Reeling Machine

    The main function of the reeling machine is to coil the sail of the Genoa on itself, and to unroll it when it is necessary.

    Most of the reeling machines consist of a rotary drum in which an end chatters. Applying tension to the end, the drum turns in the sense of coiled or unrolled, folding over or opening the sail of the jib respectively. 
 Some reeling machines work with small electrical or hydraulic engines. This type of reeling machines are used generally for big sails.

    It has to be born in mind the dimensions of the sail of jib that it is about to manipulate. The drum of the reeling machine has to be capable of lodging the end that allows to drive the mechanism. For big sails it is necessary to consider the possibility of using electrical or hydraulic reeling machines. In such a case, it will have to consider also the potency of the engine or the hydraulic system.

    To consult our catalog of types of reeling machines BARTELS adapted to every type of sail.


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